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Star Car Hire

TV & Movie Cars

Star Car Hire have a bespoke fleet of famous TV & Movie car recreations available for exhibition and display in any UK or Irish postcode. The scope of vehicles include TV and Film Legends such as The General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard, The A-Team Van, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Back to the Future Delorean, James Bond Cars, Bumblebee from Transformers, Starsky & Hutch's Gran Torino, K.I.T.T. from Knightrider, Austin Power's Union Jack style Shaguar and many many more. See below for our full range.

A-Team Van Replicas

Vans dont come much cooler than the A Teams black and red GMC G20 Driven by BA Baracus the A Team van has true cult status amongst 1980s TV and Movie car legends If you have an event and no one else can help then maybe you can hire The A team Van

Dukes of Hazzard General Lee Replica Hire

The General Lee from 1980s hit TV series The Dukes of Hazzard is probably the most famous iconic movie car in the world A cool muscle car in its own right this 1969 Dodge Charger is known for its dixie horn long jumps and incredible car chases

Back to the Future Delorean Hire

Robert Zemeckis Back to the Future trilogy transformed the Delorean sports car into a true movie star and of course a time machine Check out our great selection of Delorean Time machines standard Deloreans available to hire for weddings events

Fast & Furious Car Hire

The Fast Furious is one of the biggest car related movie franchises of modern times The films feature some of the coolest classic American muscle cars around not to mention some very cool modified Japanese cars Check out some of our FF style cars now

Ghostbusters Ecto 1 Replica Hire

Based on a 1959 Cadillac Miller Meteor Ambulance Ecto 1 has gained cult status as the main mode of transport for New York Ghostbusters Peter Ray Egon and Winston Want to hire this car Who you gonna call Star Car Hire

Herbie Love Bug Replica(s)

Disney star Herbie is probably the most famous Volkswagen Beetle on the planet With a mind of his own this No53 Love Bug is a real favourite amongst kids and adults worldwide Check out our Herbie V dub replicas today

James Bond Car Hire

Ian Flemings James Bond movies are notorious for featuring some of the most iconic cars and car chases of all time Click here to see what Bond Cars are currently available in your area

Knightrider K.I.T.T. Replica(s)

KITT was the sidekick to The Hoff in 1980s TV show Knightrider This jet black talking Pontiac Trans Am had more lights that the Starship Enterprise and was loaded with super features such as scanners turbo boost and the ability to drive itself

Only Fools & Horses Trotter van Hire

Lovely Jubbly my son Its the Trotters Reliant Regal This infamous three wheeler van was driven by Del Boy Rodney in BBC Television series Only Fools and Horses Dont expect shiny paint or leather interior but you should get lots of laughs

New York City Taxi Cab Hire

These classic yellow taxi cabs have been the backbone of New York City for years and have appeared in almost every movie and TV show filmed in the Big Apple Cheers Friends Sex in the City Now you can hire these famous workhorses for NY theme events

Harry Potter Replica Car Hire

The Flying Ford Anglia 105e deluxe was made famous by the Harry Potter movies Character Arthur Weasley worked his magic to make it fly become invisible and fit up to eight people six trunks two owls and a rat

Gone in 60 Seconds Eleanor Mustang Hire

We now have several recreations of the Eleanor Ford Mustang for hire in the UK and Ireland This ultimate muscle car was made famous by Nicholas Cage in the Gone in 60 Seconds movie Cars dont come much cooler than the 67 Mustang

Easy Rider Bike Hire

Peter Fondas Captain America from cult movie Easy Rider is probably the most recognised bike in the world This stunning 1959 tribute has taken a slightly more modern approach in design however it more than captures the spirit of the movie

Death Proof & Drive Angry Dodge Charger Hire

Black B body Dodge Chargers tend to have a habit of being portrayed in the movies as the bad guys car and 68 matte black beast is no exception With its sinister matte black paint and aggressive look this nasty Charger is somewhat similar to the cars

Dr Who Replica Car Hire

Bessie is a replica of the Doctor Who car which was driven mainly by Jon Pertwee during his time as Dr Who The car appeared in many Dr Who stories throughout the 1970s and also made guest appearances in the 80s and 90s

Austin Powers 'Shaguar' Tribute

This stunning Jaguar Xk8 is totally groovy baby With its brightly coloured Union Jack paint job this car is an awesome tribute to the infamous Shaguar E Type used in the third Austin Powers Movie Goldmember

Batmobile Replicas

This infamous crime fighting Star Car is based on the original George Barris design Once again please note that atomic batteries turbine engines and endless supply of crime fighting tools are NOT included Available to hire throughout the UK

Blues Brothers 'Bluesmobile' Replica

Need to get somewhere whilst avoiding the unwanted attention of the cops Need to outrun crazed cowboys ex partners or the Nazi party Are you on a mission If so you might need to hire Jake and Elwoods trusty 74 Dodge Monaco AKA The Bluesmobile

Bullitt Mustang & Charger Hire

To this day Bullitt featuring Steve McQueen still remains at the top of the pile when it comes to car chase movies Now you can hire an iconic Ford Mustang fastback similar to Frank Bullitts or if you prefer the bad guys car one of our 68 Chargers

Convoy Style American Truck Hire

A selection of large American trucks similar to those seen in American movies such as Convoy Smokey and The Bandit Duel Maximum Overdrive etc

Drive Style Mustang

This cool black Ford Mustang is a similar model to that driven by Ryan Gosling in Drive This modern day American Muscle Car was featured during the car chase scenes with the Chrysler 300

Gangster & Bad Guy's Cars

A selection of cars that you might see Gangsters driving in the movies from the 1920s to present day

Grease Lightening / Cuban Style 1950's classics

Check out our range of retro 1950s American classics As seen in TV shows Movies such as Grease Happy Days American Graffiti and Mad Men Perfect for 1950s or Cuban theme events promotions

Italian Job Mini Hire

These three Italian Job Mini recreations are well recognised for their role in one of Britains best car chase movies The Italian Job These cool Mini Cooper S are now available to hire throughout the UK for displays weddings and other special events

John Lennon Rolls Royce

A stunning replica of John Lennons famous Roll Royce Psychedelic Phantom

Jurassic Park Car

This is a replica of the Ford Explorer tour car from the first Jurassic Park Movie

Life On Mars Cortina Hire

This is the ORIGINAL Ford Cortina featured in the recent TV series LIFE ON MARS The car is a 1974 FORD mk3 CORTINA 2LGXL2000E 4 door saloon Finished in metalic copper this car has already earned itself cult status amongst TV and Movie classics

Movie Police Car Hire

Car chase movies just wouldnt be the same if it wasnt for the police Check out our selection of Police vehicles available for hire

Pink Cadillac Hire (Clint Eastwood, Elvis & Grease)

Both Elvis and Clint Eastwood have been connected to driving Pink Cadillacs at one time or another so if you thought Pink was only for girls then think again These cars are truly stylish and are sure to impress at any wedding parade or show

Smokey & the Bandit Trans Am Replica Hire

If youve got a long way to go and a short time to get there then you need to hire one of our Smokey the Bandit Trans Ams These classic Pontiacs were made famous in the 1977 smash movie starring Burt Reynolds Jackie Gleason Sally Field Ten four

Starsky & Hutch Car Hire

Starsky Hutch was one of the coolest cop shows to come out of America in the 1970s and David Starskys Ford Gran Torino was certainly one of the coolest cars Also known as the Striped Tomato this classic Ford is perfect for 1970s themed events

Sweeney Car Tributes

If you were a fan of 1970s UK Police drama The Sweeney then shut it pin back your ears and listen up If you want to be the Guvnor then check out our 1970s Sweeney style Fords

Toyland Cars

The Toyland car is a fun car for any event Great for all the kids big and small Static Display work only

The Saint Car Hire

The Saint television show starring Roger Moore and his Saintly white Volvo P1800 was a big hit in the 1960s Now you can hire this stunning replica in the UK and relive those 60s memories

Flintstones Car Hire

Interesting recreations of Fred Wilma and friends Family Saloons Real favorites with our chauffeurs Just kidding Static Display Work only

The Monkeemobile Tribute Car

Hey hey its the Monkeemobile This is a replica of the converted Pontiac GTO used by Pop Stars Davy Jones Micky Dolenz Peter Tork and Mike Nesmith in 1960s TV series The Monkees This wacky car is guaranteed to turn heads at any event

Transformers Bumblebee Camaro Replica Hire

One of the most recent TV Movie car icons has to be the yellow Chevrolet Camaro featured in the recent Transformers movies Bumblebee is a modern take on the classic American Muscle car bringing the late 1960s Camaro design back to life

'Cars' Movie Replicas

An incredible replica of the character Mater from kids animated movie Cars

Other Famous TV & Movie Car Legends

A selection of other screen classics