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Dorset Police Pull General Lee for sounding Dixie Horn during wedding.

2nd July 2014

Warning! This story may annoy those of you left in the world who still have a remaining ounce of human decency and common sense. Last week one of Star Car Hires General Lee owners Wayne Duke got pulled over during a wedding for.wait for it..beeping the cars infamous Dixie horn!!! Crime of the century!! As Wayne drove through the small village of Wyke Regis in Dorset he was encouraged by onlookers in the street to sound the horn (as is quite often the case when onlookers see the orange 1969 Dukes of Hazzard Dodge Charger roll by). When Wayne did so he was pulled over almost immediately by Dorset Police with the bride and groom still in the car. Poor Wayne was given a ticket and summonsed to court as apparently these air horns were made illegal in the 1970s! Now in this day and age we would have thought that the Police would have slightly more to do than pull over a couple on their wedding day for beeping a novelty air horn that is part and parcel of this famous car. It would be more of a crime to own a General Lee and NOT install a Dixie horn! Apparently the police did not even apologise to the bride and groom for holding them up. Another great statistic to add to Dorset Polices crime figures, well done lads!! Maybe next time youll catch some REAL criminals! What is the World coming to?

Picture kindly supplied by: Justin Glynn, Glynnphotographic, http://www.glynnphotographic.co.uk