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Ten Quirky Wedding Car Ideas for 2021!

22nd July 2020

Ok, so 2020 has been a total wipeout with weddings due to nasty old Covid-19 so lets move on and look to the fuutre! Are you planning a wedding over the next few years? Are you looking for quirky and alternative wedding ideas? Take a few minutes and check out some of our coolest and most unusual wedding vehicles based right here in the UK.

1. John Lennon Psychedelic Rolls Royce Tribute Car

Let's throw ourselves right out there and kick off our list with this super-psychedelic icon a tribute to John Lennons infamous 1960s Rolls Royce Phantom!! Although it might not be a wedding car for everyone, its a MUST for any true Beatles fan. Forget the VW Hippy bus - this is the ultimate 60s hippy wagon. You wouldnt need to be the shy sort as arriving in this automotive work-of-art WILL NOT GO UNNOTICED !! Guaranteed to be the talking point of any wedding day or event! More info here:



2. New York Taxi Cabs

Why not introduce a little colour into your big day with our selection of bright yellow NYC Taxi Cabs. Perfect wedding transport for those couples who may have got engaged during a romantic New York City Break or perhaps planning their honeymoon in the BIG apple!! Check out our selection of classic Checkers and Crown Vics available to hire throughout the UK and Ireland. We also have access to a few stunning black (and white) London cabs for those getting married in London.

More info here: https://www.starcarhire.co.uk/alone_category-360-england


3. The Bat Cars

What groom wouldnt want to arrive at his wedding in the most legendary comic book vehicle of all time?! We have replicas of the retro 1966 Bat Car similar to that driven by Adam West in the original TV series, Michael Keatings more curvy 89 car and even the more recent sinister looking Bat Tumbler! Although these cars cant be driven long distances, they sure do look incredible in pictures. Could be an awesome wedding surprise for your Dark-knight!!

Check it out:https://www.starcarhire.co.uk/landing-bat-cars-england


4. Classic American Farm-style Chevy Trucks

With the increase in barn-style weddings there is no better vehicle to help complete your theme. These old classic American farm-style trucks are cool, quirky and look amazing in photos. In the past we have had bride and grooms fill the back with hay bails and straw for that perfect wedding photo.



5. Convertible Ford Mustangs

The Ford Mustang is one of the Worlds most iconic cars and has become a very fashionable and desirable classic. First built in 1964, these so-called Pony cars changed American Automotive history with vehicle sales going through the roof in record numbers. Although harder to find here in the UK we have access to many awesome examples in all colours, shapes and sizes. Check out our site to see if you can find one close to you! Some tasty examples below





6. American Lowriders

Any Hip-hop fans out there? Maybe you just love cars that bounce? These retro bouncing street machines have been featured in thousands of rap and pop music videos by artists such as Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and many more. By no means a traditional wedding car or anywhere close but if youre looking with a car with urban attitude then check out some of our lowriders available to hire here in the UK.





7. American Muscle Cars

We absolutely LOVE American Muscle Cars they have been part of our inspiration in starting Star Car Hire as a business and they continue to excite us still to this very day. There is something nasty but nice about a muscle car, they are mean, menacing and loud but have curves and lines that are unmatched in automotive design to this very day. We have a HUGE selection of muscle cars available to hire throughout the UK from 1960s Dodge Chargers to Chevy Camaros to Pontiac GTOs. If you like cars that are loud and have stacks of attitude then check out our website today.


8. Famous TV and Movie Cars

Star Car Hirestartedup back in 2005 mainly due to our love and respect for legendary TV & Film Cars. These iconic screen classics have been the backbone of our company since the beginning. If it wasnt for TV shows such as The Dukes of Hazzard, The A-team, Starsky & Hutch etc there would be no Star Car Hire. It was our fascination with TV and Film cars that startedthe ball rolling and quite frankly we are still obsessed with them to this very day. We have a spectacular range of famous TV and Film cars available to hire throughout the UK including replicas of vehicles featured in the TV shows and Movies such as Ghostbusters, The A-Team, The Dukes of Hazzard, James Bond, Knightrider, Back to the Future, Supernatural and many more!! Check out our full range at starcarhire.co.uk


9. 1950s American Classics (Cuban themed cars)

If you travel to Cuba you will see lots of iconic 1950s American Classics still being used on the roads as taxis and daily drivers. With their large fins and masses of chrome these cars are stunning. People often say they dont make cars like they used to and boy are they right. In the 1950s car designers were extremely adventurous and creative and many of these cars were influenced by the 1950s space exploration. Whether youre looking for a rusty Cuban classic or a pristine Pink Cadillac we have a great selection of fifties classics that are guaranteed to turn heads.


10. Classic Volkswagens (Beetles & Campervans)

Weirdly, the classic VW has almost evolved to become more of a mainstream wedding car over the past decade! Convertible Beetles and Campers seem to have taken over from the more traditional, vintage wedding cars such as Daimlers and Beaufords and its easy to see why. The VW Beetle is such a quirky, iconic and cute little car and is loved by 99% of the population (Even those who say they dont like classic VWs actually DO!!). There has been a MASSIVE increase in brides and grooms hiring Volkswagen wedding cars for their big days in recent times with the B&G travelling in a convertible Beetle and the wedding party travelling behind in a classic Camper van or even a stretched Beetle Limo. Let the craze continue to grow as we just LOVE V-dubs!!!


I hope this list has helped to give you an alternative insight into some fascinating wedding car choices. Although some may be a little too out there some are slightly more discreet without being boring.


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