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15th October 2015

For those of you who have seen the Back to the Future movies you will most certainly be aware that 2015 is the year where Marty McFly landed in 'the Future' in BTTF 2. Well folks, we're almost at that point in time. When Marty landed in Hill Valley in the flying Delorean the date on the time clock showed the 21st October 2015!!

Sadly we are almost there and I still havent seen many Hover-boards or flying cars floating around but maybe in a few months, who knows!? What I can tell you is that 2015 is going to be a super busy year for our range of Deloreans so if you are planning an event, a wedding or a screening of the greatest movie ever made then it might be a good idea to call us today as dates are going fast!

Call us on 02828 583500 or email info@starcarhire.co.uk to check availability.