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Star Car Hire

TV & Movie Cars

Star Car Hire have a bespoke fleet of famous TV & Movie car recreations available for exhibition and display in any UK or Irish postcode. The scope of vehicles include TV and Film Legends such as The General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard, The A-Team Van, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Back to the Future Delorean, James Bond Cars, Bumblebee from Transformers, Starsky & Hutch's Gran Torino, K.I.T.T. from Knightrider, Austin Power's Union Jack style Shaguar and many many more. See below for our full range.

Transformers Bumblebee Camaro Replica Hire

One of the most recent TV & Movie car icons has to be the yellow Chevrolet Camaro featured in the recent Transformers movies. 'Bumblebee' is a modern take on the classic American Muscle car bringing the late 1960's Camaro design back to life.

Back to the Future Delorean Hire

Robert Zemeckis Back to the Future trilogy transformed the Delorean sports car into a true movie star (and of course a time machine!). Check out our great selection of Delorean Time machines & standard Deloreans available to hire for weddings & events

New York City Taxi Cab Hire

These classic yellow taxi cabs have been the backbone of New York City for years and have appeared in almost every movie and TV show filmed in the Big Apple (Cheers, Friends, Sex in the City). Now you can hire these famous workhorses for NY theme events.

Knightrider K.I.T.T. Replica(s)

K.I.T.T. was the sidekick to The Hoff in 1980s TV show Knightrider. This jet black talking Pontiac Trans Am had more lights that the Starship Enterprise and was loaded with super features such as scanners, turbo-boost and the ability to drive itself.

Harry Potter Replica Car Hire

The Flying Ford Anglia 105e deluxe was made famous by the Harry Potter movies. Character Arthur Weasley worked his magic to make it fly, become invisible and fit up to eight people, six trunks, two owls, and a rat!

Drive Style Mustang

This cool black Ford Mustang is a similar model to that driven by Ryan Gosling in 'Drive' This modern day American Muscle Car was featured during the car chase scenes with the Chrysler 300.

Gangster & Bad Guy's Cars

A selection of cars that you might see Gangsters driving in the movies from the 1920s to present day.

Life On Mars Cortina Hire

This is the ORIGINAL Ford Cortina featured in the recent TV series LIFE ON MARS. The car is a 1974 FORD mk3 CORTINA 2LGXL/2000E 4 door saloon. Finished in metalic copper this car has already earned itself cult status amongst TV and Movie classics.

Sweeney Car Tributes

If you were a fan of 1970s UK Police drama The Sweeney then shut it, pin back your ears and listen up. If you want to be the Guv'nor then check out our 1970s Sweeney style Fords

Other Famous TV & Movie Car Legends

A selection of other screen classics....